Saturday, March 08, 2008

not enough time... read this new book that arrived...Stacy Julian's Photo to organize your pictures for scrapbooking. It's a great system, but time consuming....and I don't have time, but I am going to incorporate some of it...check it out, fellow scrapbookers!

Also received some cute outfits I ordered on ebay for Baby cute! Love getting mail, don't you?

Almost 37 weeks now...this week I really felt pregnant and tired! We were busy, too...Jake's b-day party at the arcade....the kids had a blast! MOPS, parent conferences, shower today for Kelly, who is due same time as me! Came home today and napped with Cooper. Actually everyone is napping now! We are a tired household! Joe and Spence are on the couch, and Coop is in our bed. The boys have been sleeping in there more often, they come late at night. Luckily, they go right to sleep, but I probably should be stopping that soon...

Here's a picture of me about 2 weeks ago...if your want to see what I look like's not very flattering, but we have been so bad on pregnancy pics. I have only taken about 20 pictures since the middle of Feb....gotta get the camera out more...oh well, there will be tons of pics taken soon enough!

Check out and you'll see the blog of my friend Victoria who is making baby stuff to sell on etsy. She is making lots of swaddling blankets right now....very cute! Her daughter is Maddie, and she's a doll! :-)

OK, better go wake my boys. i think we have a family dinner tonight! Happy weekend...know what I am hearing right now??? The ice cream man....summer is approaching!!!! :-)
Pictures of Spence on Dr. Seuss's birthday, and Cooper as my love bug on Valentine's Day!

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Sally said...

You look so cute! You know what's scary? I was about that size at 28 weeks! Probably why you are so good at getting your cute figure right back. =)