Monday, March 31, 2008

still here...

Tomorrow is Due hopefully we'll have some action! Still here...took a walk after dinner with the family...enjoyed my first real day off, shuttling the kids to school, setting up swim lessons, steam cleaning the carpet, you know, regular life stuff...
no contractions...not much else to say! thanks for checking in!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

no news... good news, right? Nothing much to say, but know I have people reading this and wondering what's the scoop on Baby K...:-) Including my dear Aunt Emese in Italy!! Hello!!! :-)
Today I tempted fate by heading to the airport to drop off Jenny. 2 hours south of our, I am not delivering in our town, many, many reasons why....but nothing happened! No water breaking all over, no contractions even...
It was sad dropping off Jen! I know she was really hoping to meet her new niece while she was here...Spencer hugged her so tight and said "Don't go! Please don't leave! Stay!" It was pitiful! He's going down for a visit in June with Grandma, a birthday present...airplane ride, Sea World, the beach, the whole nine yards....I am starting to have a little anxiety about it...he is my baby after all!
Anyway, to change that subject...still here, home alone, enjoying some free time before I wonder what free time is...watching some TV, checking some email, waiting....I promise to keep you all posted! :-)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

She better...

...come soon or we'll be broke! Can't stop going to Target or hopping online for "something else"! Though I did score 3 white baskets with butterfly liners for her room at 75% off at Target (Easter line). And had a $20 off coupon for and ordered the cutest nursing cover-up. Did you know they had names like "hooter hiders"?
But I guess it is good she hasn't come...Spencer has been sick, though this morning he is doing s lot better. Poor guy! Coop's got a cough, but he's fine. Jenny leaves tomorrow, so I know she is a little bummed she won't see baby K. (By the way, as I perusing the baby announcements this morning in the local paper, I saw that someone named their little girl the exact name we have picked out! the nerve! Oh well...).
Happy Saturday! :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Prayers needed!

You locals probably heard about Tye, a 5th grader, who lost his foot in a freak lawn mower incident. Read it here. Well, Tye was one of my students in 2nd grade. He's a great kid, so friendly, and very polite when he sees me at school. His family is a nice, Christian family, with 2 older kids in the military. Please take a moment to pray for Tye, for strength, for healing, for a positive outlook. And for his family, also. Wow, it scared me so boys are no longer allowed to play around when Daddy mows the lawn. They love to "help", but not for a while.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still here...

39 weeks is a long, painful week...waiting...feeling bulky and uncomfortable...getting asked all the time...are you feeling OK? any contractions? is tonight the night? I don't know!!! Can you tell I am a little grouchy? Trying to be calm and patient. Doing the laundry, making sure the boys have clean clothes and towels and things when I am gone. Trying to keep the house straightened up, but my little tornadoes are into taking every toy out every day. Note to family: no toys for birthdays or christmas...they have more than enough!
Jenny took some maternity pics, so I'll share when she downloads onto my computer. Left to do:
-taxes (I have time)
-vacuum with heavy duty scrubber (borrowing from Cindy)
-put car seat in and vacuum car
-put up shelves in Baby K's room (currently Jen's abode)
-that's the main list...whew, checking them off!

Well, I'll post when there is something to share! :-) Take care!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


No baby yet. Just hanging out with the family. Have a doctor visit today, so we'll see what she says.

Enjoying our time at home. Spencer has been glued to aunt Jenny's side since she got here. they had a sleepover at Grandma's house for 2 nights in a row! Yesterday they went to the movies with Daddy to see Horton Hears a Who. Apparently, it is a great movie! Coop and I went to finish some things in my classroom. Not sure if he is ready for the movies.

Spencer: so excited for kindergarten, being extra feisty lately (he knows change is coming), loves playing with the "vintage" Star Wars figurines that Daddy gave him. They were Daddy's as a child! Not playing video games as much, thank goodness, but rocks the one he has!

Cooper: talking a lot more! He says almost everything, and surprises me with what he knows. Pointed to the Ranger Rick mag yesterday and said, "Giraffe!". He was right! This kid is a true animal lover, knows his animals and has never met a dog he doesn't like!

Thanks for the nice comments on Baby K's nursery. It's been fun to do! Now all we need is Baby K! Our friend Kelly (who was due the same day as me!) is in the hospital as I type this, being induced. Baby Tatum will be here soon!

Well, better go shower and get ready. Have some errands to run! Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nursery Love

Here are some pictures of the nursery. It's a little bare, no dresser yet. Her bed when she moves into a real bed will be cherry, so I guess I should buy a cherry dresser, but it won't match the crib and changing table. The boys are sharing that matching dresser because their bunk beds match that dresser....oh, the dilemma! :-) I also need a floor lamp and a bookcase. But I thought I'd! The quilt on the rocking chair was made by Spencer's pre-school class. It's a traditional pre-school gift. We treasure it! Thanks, MPP!

I am officially off work...yes! And I even finished my report cards last night. I have to run to my classroom and put in my sub's number and drop off the cards. Next week...but it feels good!

We had a lot of fun tonight playing 80's music Scene It with some friends. And Joe and I won! Yes! Love music trivia games, though I know nothing about today's music. Give me some good old disco and 80's and I got it! Kim, remember playing 80's Songburst in college? Loved it!

Tomorrow Jenny is coming! Yay! The boys have been so excited about her coming. Spencer gets to go to the airport with Grandma to pick her up.

Bbaby K is pretty active tonight. My tummy has been hurting a for a few hours now...but I can't remember what contractions feel like! I guess I'll just know, right? I ate a lot of salad and bread for dinner...

Well, I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today we had our Easter egg decorating and hunt at Grammy's. It's always early because Grampy takes a group of church high schoolers to Mexico for Spring Break and Grammy will go visit Greg & Amber in Sacramento for Easter. The kids had fun decorating, though Maddie, at almost 12 (what? How can that be?) is over it! Cooper wasn't up for decorating or hunting, either. He has had a fever since Monday, and is real cuddley and clingy. Poor little guy...poor Daddy, too, who has been up the last 2 nights with him and stayed home all day with him. He's a trouper. All 3 boys are now asleep in our bed. I am getting laundry and grading done...1 more day of school!!!! :-) So excited to rest and be at home. Had a pedicure today, so my feet are ready for sandal weather, I love spring!

No baby news to report. Doctor said it will be awhile still. Jenny will be here on Saturday, so kind of hoping that baby K comes a little early so Auntie Jenny can meet her...guess I better do some serious walking next week.

Have a good rest of the week! Will post again soon!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

First off, Sally, loved your reviews...totally agree on those brownies, they are the best! Hmmm, could go for some right about now. Craving El Asadero steak nachos right now, too. Too bad I am home alone with 2 sleeping boys...
Are you watching Big Brother??? It is crazy this season! I swear, it is the neverending version because they keep changing things up and adding people, gotta check it out. :-)

Had a shower this weekend...boy, do I feel spoiled! Baby K is going to be a great dresser, that's for sure. Her bedding is up, her quilt hung up on the wall, looks great!(I'll take a pic this week!) Her room is a little bare, but that's fine...she actually won't even be sleeping in there for a while. I like to keep my babies close. She'll either be in the bassinet or the Pack-n-play set up in our room. We're getting closer to being ready, I guess. A few more little things to get/do...

4 more days of excited! I will miss my students, but excited to be home with my own kiddos!!! Cooper will stop going to his babysitter in a few weeks, so we'll all be home. We get to take Spencer to pre-school. That will be fun (though getting 3 kids out of the house sounds very daunting to me right now!). I didn't get too interact much with the pre-school this year, so it will be fun to be around more. They have a lot of special days coming up:Bike Day, Field Day, Mother's day Brunch, field trip on the train, etc...I get to do those fun things!
Have a Great Week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

37 weeks...

...and hanging in there. Feeling big and bulky...totally waddling...but baby needs to hang on 6 more school days until Spring Break!

We had an eventful doctor visit on's heart rate was low and she wasn't moving. I had to be hooked up to a heart monitor for 30 minutes. Luckily, she woke up and her heart rate went up. Otherwise, my doctor was ready to send me to the hospital! Instead Joe and I had a nice leisurely dinner at Red Robin...mmmm....missing our Red Robin in Calabasas. We used to go all the time!

Now I am majorly, cleaning, cleaning...wish this part would stay with me after I'm done being pregnant! :-)

And scrappers, I can't stop thinking about Stacy Julian's new book that I talked about in my previous post. It is a must have...definitely grab a copy. It is helping me organize my pictures so I can scrap more efficiently and the way I want...more personality and life pages instead of just the big stuff. Won't Coop want to remember his early vocab: spider: gollygaw, spot: spotch, sick: yick. Yesterday he said, " Mommy, I cough, I yick!". that's a lot for Mr. Late Talker! I am proud of him...though bedtime is still a battle with him. He is so stubborn and doesn't mind getting in trouble! Not like his big brother at all...but I adore them both for their personality differences. They are the best kids! So lucky they are MINE! :-) Being a mom is the best!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

not enough time... read this new book that arrived...Stacy Julian's Photo to organize your pictures for scrapbooking. It's a great system, but time consuming....and I don't have time, but I am going to incorporate some of it...check it out, fellow scrapbookers!

Also received some cute outfits I ordered on ebay for Baby cute! Love getting mail, don't you?

Almost 37 weeks now...this week I really felt pregnant and tired! We were busy, too...Jake's b-day party at the arcade....the kids had a blast! MOPS, parent conferences, shower today for Kelly, who is due same time as me! Came home today and napped with Cooper. Actually everyone is napping now! We are a tired household! Joe and Spence are on the couch, and Coop is in our bed. The boys have been sleeping in there more often, they come late at night. Luckily, they go right to sleep, but I probably should be stopping that soon...

Here's a picture of me about 2 weeks ago...if your want to see what I look like's not very flattering, but we have been so bad on pregnancy pics. I have only taken about 20 pictures since the middle of Feb....gotta get the camera out more...oh well, there will be tons of pics taken soon enough!

Check out and you'll see the blog of my friend Victoria who is making baby stuff to sell on etsy. She is making lots of swaddling blankets right now....very cute! Her daughter is Maddie, and she's a doll! :-)

OK, better go wake my boys. i think we have a family dinner tonight! Happy weekend...know what I am hearing right now??? The ice cream man....summer is approaching!!!! :-)
Pictures of Spence on Dr. Seuss's birthday, and Cooper as my love bug on Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bloggy Reviews

I've been wanting to start doing reviews on here for a little bit...not sure how many readers I actually have, but maybe someone would be interested...probably most of my reviews will be baby related in the next few months since we are about to embark on that exciting, sleep deprived, time of newborn at home....but here we go:

1. La Mer face cream: yes, this is that $$$$ face cream you hear the celebs wearing, but apparently they have samples for loyal customers who then sell the samples on ebay. My sis bought me one for Christmas, and this sample has lasted a while! It's thick, and it makes my face feel softer than I can remember! I love it for that. However, don't think it has done anything on my wrinkles (wearing contacts, I have quite a few wrinkles around my eyes). So, no I won't be shelling out $120 for a bottle of this, but if you can try a sample, it's worth it. The soft face is nice!
2. Minivans: LOVE my minivan! My last 2 cars have been SUVs and they both drove like trucks. Love that my van drives like a smooth! Love being able to pop open the doors and the boys climb in themselves....nice for this pregnant mama! I don't know if I will be able to go back to SUVs again....highly recommend minivans!!!
3. Almost French by Sarah Turnbull (had to do a book!). Not finished reading it, but it is interesting! The beginning was slow, almost put it down. It's a nonfiction book about a woman who meets a French guy and decided to impulsively go stay with him,and ends up staying. It's how she acclimates herself to the French culture. Very interesting, especially since she is an Aussie and the French, especially the women, are very different. I like reading books about people from different cultures, so this is interesting. 3.5 out of 5 stars. I got it from the new club I joined, the paperbackswap club...check out my link on the right hand side, especially if you are a reader. It's free! Waiting to get my 2nd book any day now!
OK, so there are my reviews for now....
Happy Tuesday!