Tuesday, June 12, 2007

100 things about me...

OK, so Sally and Kelli had this on their blogs and it was fun to read, so I thought I'd try...see how far I can get with 2 monkeys roaming around, one who is 2 and already unrolled half a toilet paper roll... here goes...
1. I was born in Chicago, IL.
2. Lived in the safest city in the US: Thousand Oaks, for a year and loved it!
3. Hiked down more than half of the Grand Canyon in a day...whew, soooo tired!
4. Got lost in Joshua Tree at night with dead flashlights and after having some wine.
5. Buy more clothes for my boys than for myself...gotta stop!
6. Acted in high school, was in several plays, including the lead woman in Dracula!
7. Met my husband in high school and actually left him "our wedding" in my senior will! We weren't dating.
8. We were both Brown's already, so I didn't have to change my last name when I got married.
9. We knew each other for 5 years before we started dating (some of that time we didn't talk), and then dated 5 years before we got married.
10. got engaged in Santa Barbara, my most favorite city!
11. I don't know how to drive stick! I can only drive 1 of the 2 cars we own!
12. I buy cheap eyeshadow and mascara, but like expensive lipstick.
13. I set my alarm for weird times, like 6:36, and 7:03.
14. Wanted to be a astronaut, archaeologist, ballerina, and doctor as I was growing up.
15. My first major in college was Biological Sciences. Graduated with degree in Law & Society.
16. Broke my first (and last!) bone last summer: my baby toe!
17. Giving birth was a nice experience for me. I chatted with my husband, the doctors, and nurses between pushes. Epidurals rock!
18. The recovery was the hardest thing for me! I sat on a "donut" for a while!
19. Preferred to babysit boys when I was a babysitter. they were more fun, so I guess it's fitting that I have 2 busy boys!
20. Taught every grade between 1st and 5th.
21. Eddie Money was Spencer's first concert. He was a parent at the school I taught at in LA, and he played at our Family Night.
22. My father escaped from Hungary with his teenage sister with only the clothes on their backs. A very interesting story!
23. Travelled a lot as a child because my parents worked for an airline. Not much travel lately. :-(
24. I would move to Maui in a flash!
25. Not a good cook, but trying harder!
26. Met Billy Corgan...love him! He was sooo nice! He asked me if I wanted to hug him.
27. Was voted "shyest" in high school.
28. Love getting pedicures, don't do it very often. :-(
29. I don't drink coffee, ok, cold coffee only.
30. LOVE to read!
31. Lived in 8 cities/towns, and 2 states.
32. I have a hard time with things ending: vacations, visits, etc. I get all mopey.
33. Favorite snacks: nachos, slim jims, beef jerky.
34. Wear contacts. Want the lasik surgery.
35. Love taking pictures...cannot wait to get my Digital Canon Rebel.
36. Have a lock phobia. I have to check the house and cars several times to be sure it's locked.
37. Make a good meatloaf, though I won't eat it.
38. Have a "brown" thumb...even killed a cactus once.
39. Someone tried to burn my house when I was a senior. Seriously. The fire chief came to talk to my roomies and me.
40. When we had parties in college, it was mostly guys. My roomies were really my only girlfriends. Had a lot of guy friends. Not anymore. Just my hubby!
41. keep lots of lists of things to do.
42. Graduated from UCSB and listened to the ocean waves crashing at night. Mmmm....
43. Don't care for salmon or most fish. Like shellfish and the halibut tacos at "Just for the Halibut" in rosarito beach, mexico!
44. Touched a real Golden Globe award at a producer's house (when he wasn't home!).
45. Think I am allergic to wasp stings.
46. Know a bit of hungarian, some Spanish and some French.
47. Took 4 years of French in high school. don't know why?
48. Got engaged on Sept. 11, 1999.
49. An OC fan (the show). Miss it.
50. Favorite show: Grey's Anatomy. Didn't like the season finale, though.
51. Watched Forrest Gump with director, Robert Zemeckis, at USC. Joe was taking a music video class there. It was a special screening.
52. I bought a house in LA without asking Joe (he was asleep). They didn't accept our bid, though. It was in a great location!
53. Got out of escrow for a house in Simi Valley b/c we decided we didn't want to live there.
54. My Spencer and Joe have been in popular videos on Youtube. :-)
55. Spend too much time reading blogs.
56. Can't tan.
57. Subscribe to Family Fun magazine and Scrapbooks, Etc.
58. Miss my sisters terribly. wish I could see them more often.
59. Have wonderful friends: Steph, Kim, Robin, Michelle, could go on and on...
60. Favorite color is pink.
61. A Republican. Worked on Democratic campaigns in college and attended a few Democratic Club meetings. Married into a Republican family.
62. Prefer the beach to the mountains, the warm to cold, and the city to the country. Cannot live in a town smaller than 60, 000. wish we still lived in LA.
63. Love pickles, except when i am pregnant.
64. Loved being pregnant!
65. Like fast food...I admit it....loving the wraps at McDonald's.
66. Am the strict parent, but not as strict as I thought I would be before having kids.
67. Picky eater.
68. Have a long wish list on Amazon.com.

Have to stop here, my kids need me!

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