Friday, June 01, 2007

Last DAY!!!!

Last day of school...yeah! So car is FULL of my you know, I have packed up my classroom every year for the past few years???? I am learning not to be a pack rat....
Next year I will be teaching 1st grade (gulp!) at the school I was at before. I am very happy to be back there, especially since I will be registering Spencer for K in a year...yikes! And he will go to that school! But, I gave away all of my 1st grade stuff last year, even ebayed some of it, because I didn't think I would be going back...God has a sense of humor! Ha! But they have a great 1st grade team, so it will all be good.

Summer Plans:
1. teach spencer to swim
2. put tile in kitchen and family room
3. choose paint and paint accent wall in kitchen
4. organize office/scrapbook room/guest room
5. clean oven (seriously)
6. simplify my life, weed out knick knacks...I sense a garage sale coming on
7. read FICTION anxious to do my own, not school related, not parent related, reading....any suggestions?
8. San Diego trip...Sea World, beach. etc.
9. Day trips: Monterey (Dennis the Menace Park), San Fran (Golden Gate Park, walk over the Golden Gate...always wanted to do that), baseball games
10. ENJOY every moment with my boys...soak in their 2-ness and 4-ness...will be interesting: bike rides, play dates, backyard play, art, books, library story time, picnics
11. LEARN how to cook healthier meals and feed my kids healthier foods and me, too :-) bought a book on Amazon on healthy eating for kids...i'll tell you what I learn...

What about you???????????????

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Sally said...

Yay! Vacation! The Thirteenth Tale is a great book.