Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun day!

Yesterday, the boys and I ventured to the East Bay to visit Kim and Amanda, and the Great-grandparents. Kim was my college roomie and a great friend! I miss her so much! She has a beautiful daughter, Amanda, who will be 1 in August, and I had not seen her yet! We had fun, letting the kids play and play, and hanging out at a neat park. My boys loved it! Wish we had some cool parks like that near us.
And then we ended the day having dinner at Joe's grandparents. Coop ate three bowls of Nana's pasta! The kid who doesn't eat for me...Nana, I need your recipe!!! Spencer had 2 bowls of dessert...A nice summer day and luckily my kiddos are good in the car! Give them music, their blankies and a few toys/books, and they are set!
Unfortunately, did not take any pics....just imagine our smiling faces. :-)
Now we are off the free movies this morning! Barnyard, here we come!

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