Friday, June 22, 2007

Because he's so cute...and a new tradition

Jenny took these of my little man...can't believe he posed for her...can't get him to even look at the camera for me....she's very talented, isn't she? Hopefully she'll be opening up her own studio one of these days....

Also, wanted to share a new tradition I shamelessly stole from Jamie Waters (love her blog...she's is adorable and has 4 kids!). When it is your birthday in our house, from now on, I will make a photo display of favorite photos of that special person. I did it for the boys this year. Spencer enjoyed seeing himself in all the pictures, in fact, he was a little put out when I returned the original pictures to the frames. "Hey, where's my picture?" he wanted to know!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sally said...

Cute idea and great photos!

emese carcavallo said...

Thanks Amy, yes, I really love your blog, checking for new entries every day!!! I am so grateful for the pictures of the boys, the stories you tell, in other words I am so grateful you let me into your life, your world. I do sincerely hope that we will be able to keep in touch always..
Your far away aunt, Emese