Wednesday, June 13, 2007

100 things continued....

ok here goes...
69. Love to drive around with my music blasting and the windows rolled down.

70. Eclectic music disco, Maroon 5, some rap, Depeche Mode, Christian rock, 70's, etc.

71. Spencer's godmother is the mom of a great musician, the singer of Under the Influence of Giants...check them out!

72. Walked next to a rattlesnake on a backpacking trip and didn't realize it...heard it, but wondered what the rattle was!

73. Will never go backpacking again. Not a big camping fan, either.

74. Love pizza...Toppers, Woodstocks, Giovanni's, Pizza Villa...yum!

75. Putting tile in our house by ourselves soon...yikes!

76. My car has been for sale for over a year. I just have it listed on Guess I am not trying too hard.

77. Want a minivan, never thought I'd say that, but I do!

78. Love to scrapbook and collect scrapbook supplies.

79. Took swing dance lessons with Joe. I am a terrible dancer.

80. Wish I was a stay at home mom.

81. Do enjoy teaching, though.

82. Wore "Just Do Me" shirt to high school dance with a group of friends. Can't believe mom let me, can't believe I did that.

83. Finished 2 fiction books already this summer!!!

84. Have kept a journal about my boys since they were born. They each have one up to 2, and then a family one.

85. Can't sew. Took sewing class in 7th grade, but not since then. Need to learn.

86. Not a morning person. Wish I was.

87. Never got a speeding ticket...knock on wood!

88. My birthday is in May...ok, i am running out of steam.

89. stay up too late.

90. Was the hospitality director for my MOPS group this year.

91. Am doing this at 7:14 AM. Been up since 6:20 with my earlybirds....

92. Love taking hot bubble baths.

93. Wish I would have said goodbye to my Grandma. Glad I got to say goodbye to my Nagymama (Grandma).

94. My dad died when I was 4.

95. Didn't like to drink milk until after I had children. Now I love it.

96. Joe and I are celebrating 7 years of marriage this summer!

97. Took sailing class in college because my dad loved sailing. I wasn't a big fan...I had capsize paranoia.

98. I think minnesota has the bluest skies I have ever seen.

99. Like writing. Have been a writer since I was a child. Started a class newspaper in 4th grade, wrote a play that we performed in 5th grade.

100. I did it! Wear size 6 or 6.5 shoes!!!!

Whew, ok, wanna see so more people try this!

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