Saturday, June 09, 2007

catchin' up...

Whew, where did this week go by? Did a lot, though. Spencer finished his first week of swim lessons, I am reading a fiction book, so happy about that! Had my family over for dinner last night, though Mom rocked and made and brought the food, guess I didn't really do much...thanks, MOM!!!!! Meg was in town, as well as Jenny and Justin, so it was fun to be together. We all watched a really raunchy movie together afterwards...can you guess? No, not Borat. Lots of laughs, though! :-)

Now, I am relaxing a bit. Our wonderful friend Stephanie threw a party for our boys today...a joint pirate swim birthday party! So much fun! Her parents' backyard is perfect for parties, so we had the pool, a monkey lagoon with a small pool for the babies, a Mt. Tiki Soaki sprinkler area, and several areas of pirate loot and skeletons set up in the gardens. There was also a tent filled with fish streamers and balloons that the kids had to crawl through to get to their pirate booty gift bags. It was incredible! steph is SO talented in party planning, and decorating, and directing, and singing, and acting...our boys adore her, too! I will post the pictures when I get them dowlaoded onto the computer. For now, I'll post some fun ones from last night (no one is 3 this year, but that was the only candle we had on hand!) and cousins this week. Lovin' Meg's fun shirt! Ha! Those rugby players don't have any clean sayings! Hee-hee! Have a super summer day!!!!

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