Saturday, June 16, 2007

200 posts...and party pics! 200th post! Can't believe it! And ta-da, more pirate party pics for your viewing pleasure....

And in other news, we are sad to hear that our beloved babysitter, Margo, is moving to Iowa to be with her only child, Jake, who is married. We have adored her and better yet, our boys love her! She is one of Coop's favorite people. I am so happy for her, but sad for us and for Coop. He has one more year before pre-school, so he needs to be in daycare one more year, and he'll have to be with someone new. We will miss Margo terribly. I get teary eyed thinking of it...she comes to their parties and is just an important part of our life. We have about 3 more weeks to see her. I have to pay for daycare even though I am not working now, but it's kind of nice, to be honest. She lets me bring both boys a few times a week instead of just Coop. Yesterday they ate lunch and took their naps there so I could run errands, Target, grocery store, etc. in peace. Joe and I get a chance to go to lunch alone and actually eat at a restaurant, something that parents of small children rarely get to do and I miss! God bless our Margo! (Here she is with Coop last summer.)

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