Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random updates....

These are some of the cool signs my sister-in-law's business designs. So fun! Check out her web site:

Pictures also for Aunt Emese's viewing glad you like my blog! Miss you A LOT!!!! I will start saving up for my trip to Italy! (Pix of coop's mean face and the poster we made for Daddy for Father's Day!)

I have read 4 books so far this summer...yay! And Kim lent me two more, so can't wait to start those. Had to take a bit of a reading break..heehee...housework slides a bit when I am in reading's what I read: (Sorry the links aren't working...don't know why I can't get them to link up...)

The English Teacher by Lily King. started off really interesting, sort of some suspense in there, but ended up not being that great in my opinion. I didn't ever really like the main character, so I wasn't really rooting for her. I thought she was selfish and a terrible mom.

Literacy and Longing in LA. by Jennifer Kaufman. A fun read, but kinda dragged (I'm not brutal, am I?). Plus, I thought the main character was OK. If you love books, you'll find it very interesting because of all the book references, many I had never heard of! But it was fun to read the quotes. It takes place in LA, which is fun for me, since I can picture the places they describe. It's described as chick lit with an interesting twist.

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. Loved this one, very fun and a quick read. Nothing deep, but perfect for summer lounging. I really liked the main character. She's feisty and fun, speaks her mind. Just found out there is a sequel, so will be reading that!

Abundance by Sena Jeter one of her earlier books, Ahab's Wife (VERY interesting!!!!!), so excited to pick this up at the library. It's about Marie Antionette. It's a fictionalized account of her life. Thick, but goes quickly. Interesting, made me want to find out more about her life. Gave me a different view point to what she might have been life. Yes, she liked luxury, but was kind and giving, and a little clueless to what life was really like for the regular French citizen. Worth a read, especially for fans of historical fiction. I never really was until I read Ahab's Wife in my book club.

OK, more book reviews to come later this summer.

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