Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cool house... and other thoughts

OK, if you want to see pics of an awesome house...and yes, she is a home decorator and realtor...check out our friends' new house at Wow! Kelli is awesome! I will need to hire her sometime...maybe next summer when they come visit from Tennessee!
Ok, I also hit a teacher's dream this morning...a penny for pencil boxes and pencils and! I bought all I needed and more for $2! Teacher friends: sorry I didn't tell you right away, my cell was dead, and it was only 2 hours ago, but I went back after dropping Spencer and Cooper at Margo's (2 more days with her!:-((( ) and everything was pretty much gone...there were some folders left, so go hit Staples if you can! I am still excited by my great find! Hee-hee...
We are heading to San Diego in a few days! Yippee!!!! Sea World and beach, here we come! This summer is kind of a "tight" summer for us...but we have to do a vacation, and SD is Spencer's favorite place in the world! He always tells me he wants to move where Aunt Jenny lives. Me, too, Spence!
Had a garage sale last weekend, all the stuff Joe said we should bring to Goodwill. But, knowing me, Garage Sale Queen (not going to them, but having them...), I said no. I made $132....not bad for what we considered was "junk". You know the saying, what is one man's trash is another man's treasure. It wasn't all junk, though, some of it was good toys that my boys have outgrown.
Ok, more later, and for you, Sally, I will scan or take a pic of our wedding picture and post. :-)


Sally said...

Oooh! Thanks! Can't wait to see it. We have a garage sale next Saturday--cribs, changing table, high chairs, the whole bit. Kelli's house is so awesome.

Kelli said...

Amy, You are too nice! I'll try to get more pictures on today. Good job on the garage sale. I always debate on it and then do goodwill, but next time I'll go for the money! Have fun in San Diego!