Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jack in the Box!?$#!

(Pics of my little Coop, first is a pic at the beach with his Uncle Justin, yucky background! and the 2nd is him trying on my glasses)
OK, so the sleeping thing has been hard!!! Coop has been a little jack in the box the last 3 nights, up and out, up and out...out of his bed....I tried, oh, I tried to follow the sleeping, it is hard! I set up a little chair right outside his door and would put him back to bed when he opened the door. Night 1: I lasted about 25 min., and then rubbed his head until he fell asleep. Night 2: An hour of jack in the boxing...finally he fell asleep. Night 3: Didn't get out as much, but still got up, I rubbed his back for while....I know, the big no-no, but at least I was still silent during that, I promise I didn't talk to him! Whew...hopefully tomorrow night will be easier...when will my baby get the picture???

The last few days have been long...sleep issues and car troubles...had to have my car towed from my 2nd home...Target! And it's been hot and muggy here. But car is back, no big problem, cheapo fix, whew...our neighbor just got a brand new honda odyssey and spent about 20 minutes tonight extolling its virtues. Navigation system, DVD, holds 8...sign me up! I think I better really get going on the selling my car thing. I guess I better keep it cleaner and put up the for sale signs.

Ok, it's late, I better get to bed. Last night I was in bed before 10 AM. Good girl! :-) Robin, I promise to call you again tomorrow (we have been playing phone tag for weeks!!!) Our phone is on the fritz and sounds so static-y that sometimes I can't use it. I'll use my cell phone, which I am horrible at keeping charged, but it's charging right now!

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