Thursday, July 12, 2007

Favorite things...and simplify

OK, so Kelli tagged me: what are your favorite things???

Chai Latte


scrapbooking supplies

my new flower ring

Method Cleaning supplies (seriously)

Bare Minerals

Nachos from El Asadero

My photo albums

My bed

Hot baths and new magazines

Disco music

Big Brother (new season)

the beach

I could go on and on....speaking of things, if anyone watched Oprah earlier this week, she had Peter Walsh on and he talked about de-cluttering your life. Very interesting! He talked about why we keep things. Usually it's because it brings back a memory or because we think we'll need it someday. He said that means we are living in the past or the future and we need to live in the present. The ugly chair you hang onto because your grandma gave it to you: do you need that chair to remember her? No, so get rid of it! I have been thinking about that a lot because I do have pack rat tendencies. BUT, I have been so much better lately. I have gotten rid of a lot of things, and feel better about less stuff. Living simply is becoming my motto. The book Breathe by Keri Wyatt Kent really got me started. You should check it out! Peter Walsh has a new book, too, It's All Too Much. (sorry, whenever I link to amazon, it never works, so just check it out yourself) I also read on someone's blog a perspective about getting new things. Let me see if I can find it again...

OK, check it out and read the comments. Very interesting to think about...
Happy Thursday!

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Sally said...

We share a lot of favorite things! I love my Bare Minerals, as well. One of the best things ever!