Friday, July 06, 2007

This one's for Vicki...

...who is hanging out in cool Monterey! I should know, I was there yesterday, enjoying the 60 degree weather, even (dare I say it!) a little chilly! Now, back home suffering through 110 degrees! Actually I am in my nice 78 degree home office. Not out in the heat this moment, although we are going swimming as soon as Coop wakes up from his nap.

Anyway, back to are the friend pics from last night! Once a year (waahhhh) we get together with our gang. I posted the pic from last year on my blog...I'll try to find it, I know it is July 2006. But here are the ones from this year (minus Kelli, back home in TN). But with the new addition of Lily, who apparently, already likes my oldest son...hee-hee, Chip, don't be too mad!!! We had pizza and lots of crazy noise as the 7 kids were here playing. Lily wanted to be up playing so bad! Spencer was running around, hugging Brennah and playing with Corbin and the swords. Macy was running around, trying to play with Lily. Cooper was walking around, trying to take off his diaper as many times as he could (his newest trick). Ali, the oldest, was quietly reading in Spencer's room. What a crazy night. :-)

I also enjoyed my day with Carole, Tyrnnon and Mom in Monterey. Tyrnnon prefers the San Diego beaches. She wants to study Marine Biology in college, so maybe she'll become a California girl in 5 years (college)...get more of the family oout here! They are heading home tomorrow. I will miss them. Carole is a blast and so giving (thanks for my gifts! Love the ring!!!), and Tyrnnon is very sweet and mature. We HAVE to get to Chicago soon. This was only my 2nd time meeting Tyrnnon. Can't believe she was 1 when I graduated from I really that old already?????? Augh!!!!!!!!!

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Kelli said...

I love those pictures! I wish I could have been there with y'all - my kids already look different and tanner and older. Thanks for posting that!