Tuesday, July 17, 2007

San Diego!!!!!!

OK, we are back! Had a blast! We did: Sea World, Santana's burritos (the best!), Ocean Beach (all day!), the mall (me & Jen), Seaport Village, Midway aircraft carrier, lots of sun and fun! Jenny has the beach pictures on her camera, so have to wait until she sends to me (so you'll have to wait to see the first shot of my beach boy Spencer surfing!!!), but here are some to tide you over.

Joe and I adore it down there, as does Spence. He always says he wants to move to San Diego. When we were there, he said he wanted to stay for 10 weeks...oh, me, too, baby! BUT, we are starting to think about moving down there, not SD (too $$$), but somewhere near, like Fallbrook or Temecula or Escondido. So, house prices here, pleeeeeze go up so we can sell!!!!Our lovely local newspaper (not!) predicts the housing prices will go up in 2009....so we'll see. We are content here...we have grandparents! and friends and a great pre-school and FAMILY (huge) and I love our house. So , we'll see....life is definitely an adventure....:-)))

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