Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!!!

Hope you enjoyed your day today! We sure did, though it was H.O.T....whew...we had a BBQ at my in-laws, and the kids spent most of the time going on the water slide....and we adults wishing we could go on it, too! But it was fun...good food and great fireworks. Coop is not a fan of the fireworks. He cuddled with Margo the whole time (we were thrilled she spent the evening with us!). Spencer enjoyed it more. Carole and Tyrnnon liked watching them, since they are illegal in IL. And Lily spent her first 4th watching, too! She did very well, watching it from mom's lap...she turned 6 months old today. Right now Coop is relaxing on Daddy's lap. He can't sleep with the booms going on, so he is staying up late tonight. Spencer is in dreamland...he was so tired from swimming at Grandma's all afternoon and then going down the water slide for hours. I think I am off to bed now, too! Happy Fourth!!!!!

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Sally said...

That waterslide looks like too much fun! Glad your 4th was a happy one!