Monday, July 02, 2007

Not much new... report, just some cute pics to share. Daddy was putting up their new swing set (thanks Grammy & Grampy!) and the boys were playing with the box it came in...human bowling...having a lot of fun...

My mom is coming home today after a few days in San Diego. Aunt Carole and cousin Tyrnnon met up with them (from Chicago!) and they all flew in this morning. I expect they are somewhere in Fresno still. CAN'T wait to see them!!!!

The boys and I are going to a pool party this afternoon and then we'll visit with family. I have a little more cleaning to do...have been on the mailing list and it is helping me stay organized and keep the house cleaner! It's hard keeping the house clean with 2 little rugrats and I would sometimes cringe if someone stopped by unexpectedly, but I want to be a very hospitable person, so I need to get over that. Yes, people, you may stop by anytime...but please ignore the toys scattered everywhere. I am having another garage sale next weekend to get rid of old toys and clutter. And grandmas...if you are reading this, no more toys are needed in this household! We have enough to last us a long time...especially after all the cool things they received during birthday time. :-) Happy Monday!

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Sally said...

Oooh...I'm joining that mailing list! I need to de-clutter. I think teachers tend to be clutterbugs. Fun photos! We always like the boxes the best!