Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camp Mommy Schedule

Day 1:
9:00 Calendar/Singing
9:15 Art: painting coffee filters (to be cut into fish shapes and glued onto "water" later), making handprints (for scrapbooking purposes and to be laminated and adding a magnet on back, will use on fridge to hold Spencer and Cooper's school papers), and fingerpainting outside!
10:00 Snack: bananas with peanut butter
10:15 Outside: Wash bikes and outdoor toys
10:45 Storytime
11:15 Dancing (we just turn on the music and go)
11:30 Lunch served cafe style: I'm the waitress, they order up lunch though the day's special will be PB & J and trees (broccoli)
12:00 Take a walk
Free Play outside
1:00 End: naptime for Coop and rest for Spencer

Day 2
9:00 Calendar/ Singing
9:15 Art:
Stuffed Fish (paint big fish cut out of construction paper, staple and stuff with newspaper, to be made to be hung in their room, which is an ocean/surf theme)
Sidewalk Chalk (Shadow Art)
10:00 Snack TBA
10:15 Trip to Strawberry Stand (better be open!)
10:45 Storytime
11:15 Dancing
11:30 Lunch TBA
12:00 Make strawberry leather (like fruit roll ups, got recipe from one of the sites I mentioned in my last post), make Strawberry Lemonade
12:30 Outside Play: water balloons, do relay: who can sit on and pop the most, water balloon toss
1:00 Rest/Nap

Day 3
So far: Decorate Brother's Bank (catch them being kind and helpful to each other, deposit coins into the bank. They can then use that money for a treat that they agree on)
"I Love" collages: cut out pictures of things they like from magazines. May frame them for their room, if cute.
Playdough with cookie cutters
Make visors for San Diego trip

That's it so far...though there are some things that may change the my flat tire! Again...gotta get to the tire shop in the AM sometime tomorrow to drop off car...
Movies (free!) on Tuesday, if I can find a sitter for Miss K...and me, will this work out???
Stay tuned!

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Vicki said...

Sounds like fun!! They are lucky to have such a fun mommy!! :)