Sunday, July 27, 2008


I hate to be the bearer of scary news, but better to be safe than sorry, right? It is good to be informed. If you agree, check out the Non-Toxic Kids link to the left about granite countertops and cell phones and children.

In other news, this week we are celebrating Camp Mommy! Spencer is a bit bored, and I haven't been on the ball on setting up least, as many as he wants! So tomorrow through Wednesday is Camp Mommy! We are doing arts and crafts, making recipes, doing structured activities and following a schedule. Spencer is excited! I got some good ideas from here and here and here. I'll keep you posted! Of course, Camp Mommy is closed during PM naptime...a mom's gotta get a break, right?

Today Miss K is 16 weeks old! She rolled over all the way today for the first time. She also visited the babies' nursery at church today. The cry room wasn't working out anymore for me. Spence is now in the K/1 room, on the other side of church! Got a workout dropping them off into 3 different rooms and then picking them up. :-)

So happy to be on Facebook! you gotta try it! I connected with the husband of my best friend in high school, Allison! He told me that they just had their first child, a baby boy named Caiden. He posted pictures of him on his page, as well as pictures of a darling nursery! So happy to hear their good news...can't wait to talk to Allison soon. I last saw her when I was either pregnant with Spencer or he was a few months old...can't remember. But it was very brief, so I'll be happy to catch up. Also talking to friends from college and other friends from high school! It's a lot of fun!
Cooper looking cute.

Kendall at 15 weeks..tired of the doll, maybe?Me and my girl...though she looks worried! One of the few pics of me with her! Gotta remember to give someone my camera!

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