Sunday, July 06, 2008


...just a "stuff" day!
1. had a nice girl time break today! I went over to Stephanie's house and sat in the sun, ate Mexican food, and swam...aaah...not long enough, though...5 girls relaxing and enjoying trashy mags...People, US Weekly...the good stuff!
2. came home to a crying baby girl and a boy who pooped in his pants within 5 minutes of me being home. He's pretty much potty trained...but we have to work on #2 and getting to the toilet in time!
3. seeing pictures of newborns makes me cry...since my baby is already 3 months old today!!! I took pictures of her as a newborn, but not as many as I should have...I'll post pictures of her later wearing her 3 months t-shirt!
4. went to Target for the first time in about 2 weeks! Target is bad for my no shopping policy, but I was good. I only got diapers, shaving cream, wipes, deodorant, cleaning spray (the new Clorox green works stuff), and ribbon that was half off (pink!). Laura, saw the new MM Hullabaloo stuff...soooo cute...bit I better be there in August!
5. tired, tired, tired...
6. enjoyed fireworks and delicious food all over again last night at Steph's. The boys loved the fireworks. Kendall and I sat inside. She was so fussy because she likes to go to bed early now and 2 late nights in a row threw her off!
7. that's it. I think. for now.

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