Friday, July 18, 2008

we're home!

We are back! We survived being gone for 6 days with 3 kids...whew! We had a great time...hanging out, swimming, eating, kayaking, playing, lots of vegging out, talking, taking pictures...the kids had a blast! They played from sunup to sundown. Lots of good quality cousin time! I took a ton of pictures, still to be uploaded...
We ended up coming home a day early, though. Kendall was great, but fussy by the end, and I was ready to home and sleep in my own bed! We got home last night. Laundry is going and bags are still by the door. It was hot up there, too!!! So much for the cooler weather!

I got a lot of reading in! Read Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner...that's a good read! We went to a cute little mountain bookstore one morning and got a new book (hey, Joe was getting one, too!) and I got The Dinner Diaries by Betsy Block. It's about a mom's journey to have her family healthier. It's interesting, but the author is all over the place with her writing. She'll be writing about one day,and the next paragraph she skips two months. It's kind of hard to follow, but she is pretty funny. I learned some good things about eating healthier from her.
I better go, got some kids who need food! Thought they might sleep in a little later since they are exhausted...guess I shouldn't be too picky with sleeping in until 9:00, right! Hee-hee!


Periwinkle said...

Hi Amy,
I reworked my blog and had to rename it:
I love hearing about your sweet family as well as the great information you're sharing about making our planet a better place to live! (I bought a gallon of vinegar!) Thanks!

Sally said...

Welcome back! I really liked Goodnight Nobody, too. I have Certain Girls (the sequel to Good in Bed), but I've yet to read it. I say we start a local chapter of Green Girls!