Sunday, July 20, 2008

Green Blogs to check out

Glad to see that some of you are starting to be interested in going "greener"...just the little things help! Though it can be overwhelming when you think of everything from the clothing you buy, the coffee you drink, the home cleaners, the diapers (sorry, I cannot do the cloth diaper thing!), the lotions, should I go on....Start small! I have a long way to go, but loving the small changes we are making! Here are some blogs I have been checking out as they have good info to share:

Green Arizona (love this one, wanted to start a blog like this with good info to share!)

Think we'll wait until fall to buy our "share" of the farm in the local CSA. LOVE the idea, but you pay up front and with no paycheck this month (oh the joy of teaching), better wait. I can't wait to sign up for fall! Any locals interested, I can email you the website. They drop off at Raley's on Wednesday. You can also check out for more info for anyone who is interested in this.

Congrats to Erica on the birth of her baby girl Isabella! she's #3 after 2 boys, like my KK.

So Maddie says to me, "I've been thinking...there's not a good nickname for Kendall!" Which was exactly what I had thought, too. Can't call her Ken...that's a boy's name and her Great Grandpa! So I call her Little Miss (like Kim's Amanda!), and Kay, and KK. Spencer calls her Kendy and Cooper still calls her Baby Kennel. Either way, we love her!

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