Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I blew it!

OK, the no shopping thing...I blew it! I will try harder, but they had this for sale, and since I bought the original school kits earlier this year (2, one for each boy), I had to get this one, too! Scrapping enabling...if you are interested, get it quick because the original kits went fast! :-)

And I got Kendall a pair of cute jeans...bought from someone on the baby bargains swap board...oops...she needs a few things for 6-12 months, though...AND it was pretty "green" (not to mention cheap...$5!) of me...buying secondhand is greener than buying brand new! Reduce, REUSE, recycle! :-) That makes me feel better to say that!

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laura vegas said...

i got 2 of those kits yesterday! i probably only needed one ... but i have 2 of the original school kits ... so i figured i'd just better get 2 of the new ones. lol!