Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hawaiian Music

Enjoying this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? I love it! It always gets me a little choked up, even! I love Hawaiian music. It just relaxes me. In fact, when I was expecting Spencer, in our childbirth class, the instructor had us go around the room and say what kind of music we wanted to play during the delivery. When I said Hawaiian music, everyone looked at me strangely! We ended up not having any music...the news was on, but who was paying attention! I only know because you can see the TV on in some of the pictures after he was born!

We had Family Movie Night #2 last night...Annie! That is a looong movie! Spencer fell asleep halfway through it, though Coop made it to the end and it was late! We got a late start because Spencer has his church music/art group on Wednesday nights. We watched it in our bed, with big bowls of popcorn. Kendall snoozed in her bassinet next to us. She's getting too big for it...she sticks her little feet out of it! crib time is coming....
oops, Kendall just spit up a little...gotta go!

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Vicki said...

Annie was my favorite movie as a kid! In fact, I still love it!! Good choice for movie night :)