Saturday, July 19, 2008

my new addiction!

OK, so my new addiction is facebook! Are you on it? I just joined today and have 14 friends! I have reconnected with quite a few friends I haven't seen in years! It's so much fun! you should try it! You can add me as a friend! :-)

Went to our ole' County Fair, hot, hot! We saw the animals, had some fried food (yum!), and went on a few rides, well, the boys did anyway. I am not a big fan of those rides, but happily waved as my boys rode the Ferris Wheel, the Jr. roller coaster, and such. Had enough of the fair to last a few years!

Greening update: still making some changes! Just being aware of recycling, turning off lights and unplugging things, etc. Spencer is now in charge of making sure all lights are off if no one is the room. starting them early! My Burt's Bees body products are echhh...the shampoo leaves my hair feeling dirty! In fact, Joe said it looked like I hadn't washed my hair. The body wash is not very lather-y and has no smell! I tried the Kiss My Face shampoo and liked it better. The deodorant works good! In the HOT 100 degree weather in Columbia (so much for cooler weather in the mountains!), I was sweaty, but not stinky! Trust me, I was sniffing!
I contacted a local organic farm about getting produce weekly...buying a "share" of the farm. Google CSA for your local farms. I think I may do it. This farm also has organic eggs and soy candles for sale. Thinking of a field trip for my boys to learn where food comes from...not the grocery store! they learned where milk comes from tonight at the fair!
Better go, Joe and I have "date night at home" with a movie waiting for us!

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Sally said...

Yeah, I think beauty products are going to be hard for me. I like my squeaky clean hair! I'll be very curious to see how you like the CSA thing. Keep sharing. =)