Saturday, July 05, 2008

Firecrackers, family pictures,and food!

that's about how we spent our 4th! The food was yummy, the weather outside was nice (it was waay hotter inside!), and the boys enjoyed the fireworks. Cooper, not a fan of loud sounds unless it's music, was a little unsure of the fireworks. He watched through the window, then from the driveway, and then from the front with Papa and Grandma. But both boys were pretty much done about halfway through the hour long (yes...that's a lot of fireworks) show! Kendall did fine. she was a little fussy because she was hot and tired (she has been going to sleep around 7 for the night). I stripped her down and let her play on a blanket inside and she was happy. Can't believe she will be 3 months old tomorrow!

Getting our traditional family 4th of July pic was a little harder...getting all 3 kids to smile and look at the camera was pretty impossible. Plus, I look a mess from being so sweaty! Oh well. Enjoy the pics! We get to do it all again tonight at Steph's Annual 5th of July party!

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laura vegas said...

love the photos! you have a gorgeous family!