Thursday, July 24, 2008


...haven't blogged in a while...busy with kids...trying to do something creative everyday! Today we are going on a rock hunt and painting them. The kids have been getting up earlier this week....augh...what happened to 8:30/9:00??? Now it's 6:45 or earlier! Spencer actually got up at 4 AM the other morning! He took a 4 hour nap that day, though mama really needed one, too! So I am going to bed earlier...not looking forward to school starting again!
I know most of you probably don't care about the green updates...but for those locals that do...Raley's is starting to carry a lot of green products! Yay! They have a bunch of laundry detergents (though they are pricey) and body care (toothpaste, shampoo, lotions, etc). I went to the market by myself (ahhh...) the other evening and just browsed for awhile. (Sad that an evening at the grocery store makes me happy...).
I am also trying to eat healthier. I bought Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious, a while ago and finally am trying the recipes. I made the chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas (or garbanzo beans for us Californians!). The chickpeas give it a nutty flavor and texture, though my boys didn't seem to like them much! We went to the park yesterday to play, and when I asked them if they wanted a cookie, they got excited. But when I pulled out my bag of these, they actually said, "No, thank you." Not a good sign! Tonight I am making tacos with soy protein instead of meat...shhh, Maddie, DON'T tell Joe! I will tell him....after dinner!
Sorry no pictures to share..need to break out the camera more...and Joe has been very good at uploading my pictures to the external hard drive, so I don't have them on the computer very long. Too lazy to hook it up to do it myself...told you I am tired!!!


Periwinkle said...

Hey Amy!
Keep the green tips coming! I'm inspired and it's wearing off on my husband. We just bought new bikes and while we may not use them to commute, he did ride to the wonderful Produce Stand on McKee last night and got fresh veggies for our dinner. :)
Also, I count on you for good tips about books. I'm ordering the book on family traditions for my kids for Christmas. Thanks!

Sally said...

I've been browsing for products as well. Of course, then we're creating the need for packing materials. Hmmm... Adrian even talked about test-driving hybrids today. So Patti's right, it's contagious!