Sunday, January 09, 2011

2 in one day?!?

OK, think I am caught up...for now!
#1 Dresser: Here is the before, dusty, with socks to be matched on top...
Clothes semi-organized inside.

We also have a TV stand/dresser in our room that stores the kids' DVDs, Joe's hats, pajamas, and workout gear, and some books that don't fit on the shelves. It doesn't need to be organized inside, but I'm sharing because it is super dusty and needs cleaning, too (though now not sure why I am sharing that, though maybe because Sally shared her microwave...haha! Just kidding, mine looks like that, too, until I get my Shaklee on it!)

And AFTER: Not really showing the insides because...well, you probably don't want to see my undergarments and pajamas, right?!) But trust me, they are organized. I'll share my t-shirt drawer with my oldie but goodie Cure concert tee looking up
(it was a gift, I haven't been to a Cure concert...yet!)
And dust free:

Then #2: Linen Closet
Before, semi-organized, even labelled with my label maker:

And after: even more organized with family quilts on top and my King sheets tucked into my pillowcase (saw that idea somewhere, to tuck sheets into pillowcases to keep sheets together and organized).
(I KNOW it still looks a little messy in the picture, but it's not, I swear! Maybe I need to buy tubs after all to put the sheets in, but I am happy with this!)

All done, even snuck in a jog there. But ask me if I started report cards yet and that's a NO. Oops. Good thing I have a week! Happy Sunday! Hope you at least got some rest!

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