Friday, January 28, 2011

Organization helpers

OK, so Toni asked us on the last day of the challenge {which no, I did NOT finish, but I did make a list of the ones I had to do still...ugh...the laundry room and fridge being two of them...dreading those...., but I promise to share when I am finished!} share some organization tips that help us! So here's mine:

I use a dry erase calendar that I love love love...easy to change and add...

but I needed a calendar that showed the next few months for upcoming events and appts. I made the inside of the pantry the calendar section. I put our year calendar, as well as the boys' lunch menu, class photos and school district schedule. Easy to find, but out of sight.

I started my household binder and bought a cute basket to store on my kitchen counter with a bucket of dry erase pens and regular pens (i.e. out of reach of my children).

I also added my perpetual birthday calendar, as I want to be better at recognizing birthdays. My household binder stores phone lists, restaurant menus, medical info, future events, school info, kids' activities....all the of the stuff you'll need to run the household.

My little drawers inside of the pantry that stores batteries, matches, calculator, rubber bands, odds and ends. I LOVE that I know where I can find that stuff when I need it! (No pic)

My library bookshelf. I designated one section of our bookcase for library books only. I know where they are and never have to search for them. I even keep the kids' library books there.
I moved my scrapbooks into the family room instead of a shelf in the office where only I see them. The kids love pulling them out to look through them. Here's one shelf:

I have 2 other shelves. One of the best things I did (adapted from Stacy Julian) was take the pics I develop and put them into nice leather albums with photo sleeves so we can look through them, instead of sitting in plastic boxes waiting to be scrapped. I actually need to go get some more. I got 2 for $20 at Costco a few years ago. Need to see if they have more! I don't scrap as much as I used to, so I'd like us to see the pictures!

Coming first giveaway. If you have boys, you'll probably like this (though little girls might like it, too!). Happy Weekend!

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Erica said...

Such great tips! We took our pantry out a couple of months ago but I especially love the idea of using the inside of the pantry door for ugly stuff that needs a home :p I have often used recipes taped to the inside of the cupboard door right next to my stove.