Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day 1...on track!

Day 1 of the organizing challenge and all is well. Feeling pretty good, even though the kids demolished the playroom today (was on my list of places to clean), but had a nice dinner with Joe's parents 1 of Day 1 of the 29 gifts...gotta lot going on! Cindy wasn't feeling well, so we invited them to dinner: my fav crock pot roast with pasta. SO yummy! So here's some pics of the progress: today's challenge was to clean the junk drawer. Don't have one in the kitchen, so I cleaned 2 random drawers! Note to self: bring home the empty baskets cluttering the classroom counter. I bought storage tubs, but no small, cute baskets. I have a ton in my classroom! Will bring some home to corral the stuff, so the drawer's not technically done....

Pretty good for Day's the pantry clean out I did last week, too (Do I really have to go back to work??? I could do some damage around the house if I could stay home for a couple of weeks!).

Also, set up our new housekeeping system: stole this from the sherbert blossom website and while her version was so much cuter, this one works for me! I divided up the everyday chores into 7 days, and added the person in charge of dinner. Luckily I have a husband that loves to cook, but I (can't believe I am saying this) actually have been enjoying cooking lately too! So, we'll split the nights, and I decided on 2 theme nights: Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday (at home, out, our own versions). So here's my cute little organizer:

SO...there it goes....will be back tomorrow with Day 2. Not sure if I can post everyday...homelife is a bit nuts with 3 kids...but will try to be better! (Plus, I'll be doing my 30 day Shred in the evenings). I am a bit tired of thinking about all my projects. I am doing a different version of Project 365 (take a picture a day), but I will share more about that later!
Here's some cute pics of my babies (because I know some of you only care about that! :-))


Toni said...

Love your liners. Def.think some little containers will help with your knives etc. Great job!!

Sally said...

Great job, Amy! Wow! You got a lot done!

Kelli said...

You're off to a great start Amy! I love the chore card idea - I've been trying to get the household chore schedule figured out all day today, and I'm thinking I'd like to do something similar. We also have Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday - love it!