Sunday, January 16, 2011

Playroom Clean up

OK, so I finally tackled the playroom yesterday. It looked like this (THOUGH I will say it honestly never looks like this, I just let it go and didn't make the kids clean up all week since I knew I was redoing it....this is terrible, I will agree)

Our playroom is supposed to be the dining room, but our kitchen is big enough for our table, and we all eat in there I converted this area into the kids' area. I took all the toys out of the boys room (to keep their room cleaner). Kendall still has her dollhouse and babies in her own room (need to organize that room, too!).
So, here it is.

I took out the toy organizer (what do I use that for now?) and brought in the bookcase from the boys' room that matched the other bookcase in here already. I threw away a ton of toys/missing game pieces and put some in a donate bag. I used the tubs from our toy organizer so I didn't buy any new ones. I still need to go buy another cartridge for the label maker so I can label the tubs: Little People, cars, musical toys, animals, dinosaurs, people, flashcards, games, puzzles, etc. I had one tub that really is ETC. because those toys didn't fit into the other categories. The boys had fun looking through the toys and picking out the tub to play with.
I plan to work on the other challenges today and tomorrow, need to really hit the laundry room one, but think I will skip the spices (that cabinet is fine, I find my spices easily).
Happy Weekend!

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Sally said...

Great job, Amy!