Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The challenge continues....

Working on the challenges:

Here's the spices: don't need to clean out...yet.

Here's my bathroom drawers before: (yuck)

The last pic shows my freebies/cheapies cabinets: when I was on my big couponing kick last spring I stocked much so that we haven't needed to buy shampoo, deoderant, toothpaste, soap, body wash, razors, etc. since April. The cabinets are really thinned out now, so I better go shopping! Time to bust out the coupon binder!
Anyway, added some baskets, threw out a trash can full of stuff (OK, so it was a tiny bathroom trash can, but still!), organized make up in one basket, lotions in another, and voila:

Tackled the medicine cabinet (this house doesn't have medicine that odd?), and we house our meds in a higher kitchen cabinet away from little hands. See my Shaklee Vitamins?
Love 'em! (Not sure what that gunk is on the wall...not gum or anything

I put kids meds in one basket, and adult stuff in another. All clean!

To be honest, I haven't checked to see what the challenges are this week...I will catch up, I promise! (Though I LOVE your blog, Toni!!!).

Here's what we've been doing....

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My world said...

we don't have any medicine cabinents either!! looks great! as usual the kids are adorable!