Thursday, January 06, 2011

Still truckin'

So, I am failing miserably on the 21 Day Challenge BUT I will catch up this weekend. I went and bought a ton of organizing bins and buckets and such at Target tonight...on clearance! So watch for those pics updated this weekend.

29 Gifts: Still going on...I'm finding it would be easy to just buy gifts for people each day, but I want to try and do different kinds of gifts. The last few days I watched my friend's boys for a break, cleaned Joe's desk, gave Spencer's teacher a big box of yummy chocolates someone actually gave me (but I know how much she loves chocolate, so I told her I really appreciate her and she should have them. She happily accepted!), and helped Joe with a project (though I had other things to you, honey!). Joe's doing the challenge with me, too, and he's doing great!

Project 365: Grateful (I know I change the name each time! LOL!)...Taking my pic and recording it in my journal. SO much to be grateful for!

But leaving you with a gift...(Kelli, Joe forgot the recipes I printed to give to Brian tonight, I will get you the printed copies, but here's the links now)'s 3 of our recent favorite recipes and they're easy and cheap. You probably have a lot of the ingredients already:
Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup: SO good and filling!

Balsamic Beef and Onion Pasta (crockpot)...seriously one of my favs! I could eat every other day, I think! I always look for a roast on sale when I go to the store.

Beach Street Lemon Chicken: I was on the lookout for a good lemon chicken recipe. Tried one with Jello...too sweet. This one is perfect, light, flavorful and good. I made it for some friends, including the picky husband, and he ate this right up!

So there, another go cook! See you tomorrow! I leave with pics from our field trip to the Hilmar Cheese Factory with friends over break. That was fun! The kids made their own ice cream (that's what they're shaking!).

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My world said...

I love new ideas for dinner, so thank you!!!!! And the 29 gift sounds like fun :0)