Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 3 and Day 2 and what?

OK, so now that work has started...though I am happy to be back with my sweet class (and since I have to work, it's so great to do a job that I love)...I am behind though....not in my Project 365 and my 29 gifts....
*29 Gifts: Yesterday I gave a fellow working mama a needed break and took her kiddos for a while.
Today, I cleaned Joe's desk (and doubles as my challenge for the 31 Day Challenge). I am having fun with this. It's fun to be thinking about it during the day and trying to gift others. I am finding myself being even friendlier to strangers and giving smiles and thanks yous to anyone helping us in anyway: waitress and cashiers, etc.)

*31 Day Challenge: I am 1 day behind, but that works OK because I can catch up on Sundays! I cleaned Joe's computer desk from this....

to this....

And Project 365 Grateful:
Day 2: Homemade Food (YUMMY creamy mushroom and chicken soup...thank you, Becky Higgins, for the recipe!) and that I am enjoying cooking!

Day 3: Potty Training (and grateful that Miss Michelle is really helping us out on this! She's really doing the actual training...thank you!)

And what are you GRATEFUL for? :-)

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Sally said...

Life is BUSY, isn't it? You're doing great, Amy! :)