Wednesday, October 19, 2005


OK, if you are ever in the San Diego area, go eat at Santana's...mmmm...the California burrito is the best! I am CRAVING it! Joe and I fell in love with it, melted cheese, yummy beans, rice, delicious carne asada...ohhh, should I go on???
Also, go listen to the Nada Surf's "Always Love". I heard it on TV tonight, "One Tree Hill", never watched it before, but caught it while I was feeding Coop for bed. Actually, I liked it and discovered a new song. Afterwards, i went and found it on Napster. Good music!

Poor Jenny...the hurricanes are messing with her honeymoon! They were supposed to spend the first part in New Orleans, now Wilma is heading toward the Florida keys, where she was suppoed to go on Friday! They think they'll head to Miami now instead! I am sure they are still having a great time!
The pic is of Spencer at Ocean Beach in San beach baby!

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