Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Excitement fills the air..we are heading off tomorrow on our first little vacation as a family of four. First stop, San Clemente (granted it will be 1 AM), but we are driving while the boys are asleep and will stop overnight in San Clemente before we get to San Diego. Then 3 days in SD, watching Jen get married!!!! Then off to Disneyland. I have been slowly packing, but need to finish tonight. My car is in the shop right now.
Today was one of those mommy meltdown days. Running late as usual (how do moms stay on time? Beats me! I was always an early person until I married and had kids), on our way to Coop's 4 month old doctor appointment...Spencer whining about no more Elmo snacks and wanting to hear "Lollipop" for the millionth time on the radio, Coop screaming his head off (hungry, tired and hot), hitting all reds, hot b/c we are driving with the heat on (my car's water pump was broken, so the heat had to be on so we wouldn't overheat)...I just turned up the radio and tried to calm down. Whew, but we made it and my mom came and whisked Spencer away before Coop's appointment, just as he was laying on the table saying, "My turn! My turn! Aaaah!" and sticking out his tongue. Yeah, I've never seen this excited to see the doctor. He knew it wasn't his day! Ha! Got the car in the shop with a promise to be fixed by 10AM...keeping my fingers crossed!
I'll post some pix while we are gone so you can see the wedding. Check back!

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