Saturday, October 22, 2005

my ideas

OK, so I have some ideas for a game for parents of small kids, like a Trivial Pursuit. I never thought I would be filling up my brain with this stuff...Here are some questions: (Can YOU answer them?)
1. What is Dora's last name?
2. What is Caillou's cat's name?
3. What color is Bob the Builder's shirt?
4. What pet does Oscar the Grouch have?
5. Name three of Thomas the train's friends.
And I could go on....

Anyway, we're all fine here. Spencer is testing his limits with bedtime, but hopefully with the ideas I've learned on Nanny 911, we'll get through it. He doesn't want to stay in bed when we put him in. After doing wonderfully for 2 weeks, I should have known it wouldn't last! Ha! Our precious kiddos don't make anything easy for us!
Cooper rolled over today for the first time! He did it very easily and quickly, I think he was really ready! In fact, I put him on his belly right afterwards and he did it again. He's growing soooo fast. He tries to sit up in his car seat and his swing. Time to start looking for his next car seat. I love looking for good deals on the internet. I'll tell you what I find!
Congrats to my friend Virginia and her husband Michael on the birth of their first baby, Ezekial! Can't wait to meet him!

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