Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Thanks to Dennis for the alligator/croco info! Alligators have a round snout and crocodiles have pointed teeth and protruding teeth...:-)
We're fine boys are growing soooo fast. Spence has begun learning his colors. He has known yellow for a's his favorite. Now he knows blue, green, white and pink. I didn't even know he knew white until I asked him what color his ceiling fan was and he announced white! So smart. :-) He is beginning to "sing", too. It's adorable. Coop LOVES watching his big brother. When he starts getting fussy, Spence can make him laugh. I know they will have so much fun together.
The weather is starting to finally cool! Yay! Sweater weather....
I'll post later our pumpkin patch pix. What a great time! Spencer loves his pumpkin. He calls it his "pumpkin patch". He had so much fun getting dirty, pulling a wagon around, and running up and down the dirt hills with his daddy. My mom was with us and carried Coop around. He was fascinated with everything.
Congrats to my cousin Jennifer and her husband Clint on the birth of their daughter, Amanda. Congrats to Aunt Marg on the birth of her first great-grandchild!!!! I need to edit that I spelled Ezekiel's name wrong, also. Sorry, Virginia!

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