Monday, October 10, 2005


It is Monday, soo busy! This is the day I start work a little earlier, at 10:30. I have so much to teach with the language arts program, so on Mondays, I start earlier and then later on Thursdays. Works out well.
Dora is on TV. How come kids get so obsessed with her? Spence could watch her all day. His cousin Jake is obsessed, too. I like her, too, but ever since my mom said, "She yells a lot, doesn't she?" I can't help but notice it now! She is pretty loud! :-)
I miss the ocean. I stumbled upon a writer's notebook the other day that I had kept a few years ago after taking classes with the South Coast Writing Project (incredible!!!). I noticed I had written a lot about the ocean. I miss writing like that, I think that is why I have decided to keep a blog, but calling all writers, can you explain this to me? I lay in bed thinking what I could write about and it sounds good, but as soon as I sit down to my computer, I have writer's block. I think of all kinds of interesting things to share and reflect on, but it's gone now...sorry if I am boring you! But I do want to start reflecting more on my life for my kids, keeping a record for them of what life was like now. Scrapbooking helped me realize this. It's not that I just want to scrap the photos, but I want to tell the story, too. There are so many family stories I would love to hear, but can't anymore. I am so happy I had my grandma fill out on of those "Grandma Remembers" books a few years ago. I love having those memories forever.

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