Friday, October 07, 2005

Random thoughts

Anyone want a Tahoe? Joe & I are trying to sell my car. I love it, but in the interest if saving money (gas!!!), we are opting for a different car for me. What? I am not sure yet. It will be my in-between car before the next real car I get. Does that make sense? :-)
Weird as it sounds (to me anyway!), I am leaning towards a mini-van. I NEVER thought I'd say that, but it sounds sooo nice to me to put my kids in the car without climbing in. PLus, all the other features mini-van lovers brag about. My sister-in-law Michelle loves mini-vans. My friend Ashley sent me info regarding safety and stuff recently...very interesting!
Anyway, one week from now, my sister will be a married woman! I get a little choked up thinking about my lil sis married. The skinny little girl that I know so well...jeanya, jen-jen, JB. I remember our childhood growing up. She was my playmate, my friend, my bratty little sister sometimes, I remember getting grounded for hitting her with a stick and then hiding in the neighbor's car. I remember her climbing out onto the roof from her 2nd story bedroom and our neighbor Brad saying, "I must be dreaming. jenny is on the roof!" That was Jenny!
Now she is a beautiful woman, inside and out, with a heart for art, dogs, dance, kids (especially her nephews), and Justin, her fiance. Congrats, jen!!!!!!
We have a new radio station here that sounds like a mixed tape to me. No commercials, just random songs. I think I heard Dancing Queen, some Police, some 80's, Seal, Bonnie Raitt, Weezer on there this afternoon...random, huh? I love it! I was the queen of mixed tapes for our parties in college. I could make a tape that made everybody dance! We always had to have the dancing parties or start a dancing party wherever we went (O'Malleys, anyone?). I miss those dancing days. Is it wrong for a mom to want to go out and dance one of these days??? Anyone interested???
Have a wonderful weekend! We have a birthday party to attend....Happy 2nd Birthday, Aiden!

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lil' kim said...

I love reading about what is going on in your life. This blog thing is addicting. I remember those dancing days. "Oh What a Night" is one I will never forget. And of course the infamous "Face D...". I'll leave it at that. :} I know I am getting old when all my friends are buying mini-vans. Yikes! They sure are convenient though. I must say, I enjoyed riding in Ashley's MV. Love, Kim