Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today was a a good day

Today was a busy, busy, busy day...I like it that way. I feel productive and energetic, more so than being home. When I am busy, it's easier to stay on a roll, coming right home, vacuuming, organizing (still trying to organize 6 months after we have moved in!).
We started with MOPS this morning. What a fun time, moms socializing and the kiddos playing. I am really enjoying it and meeting some neat people. One of the gals at my table does extreme room makeovers for kids rooms. I can send anyone her website if you are interested. I am trying to figure out to set up links here so you can see the sites I am drooling over. :-) Start with www.twopeasinabucket. Fun!
Anyway, then it was off to school. I am actually enjoying my 5th graders. I think it was a good change for me. The kids are great and for the most part are pretty independent. My teaching partner is awesome! She is soo organized and I am learning a lot from her! Thanks, Amber!
Then, off for a few errands and my parents came over for dinner. It's great being so close to them. I love seeing how happy Spence is to see his grandparents. He gets so excited when he sees their cars or them walking up the sidewalk. Today he ran to Home Depot with Grandma and of course, conned her out of some cookies. He has the biggest sweet tooth! Where does he get that?
Oh, he did the funniest thing the other day. He got out this cardboard box book holder that looks like a tool box and his sungalasses and started for the front door. "Bye, honey! I go to work!" he says to me. I wave. He gets almost to the door, stops, looks back and says, "Caca?" (His version of coffee!) I give him a cup of water and he sips it gently and replies, "Oooh, hot!" He is a riot! SOOOO dramatic, like his daddy at that age. I think we may have a future actor on our hands. Aunt Steph, you need to open up your kids theatre in Merced!

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