Saturday, October 29, 2005

weekend notes

We have had a fun weekend so far! On Friday, we took the boys to the Boo Zoo at the zoo and it was cancelled! Augh! Try telling that to a 2 year old all dressed up! He cried, so we took him to McDonalds to play at the playland. He was so happy, climbing up the jungle gym contraption thing, getting his dalmation costume sooo dirty.
Today he went to the movie to see a special screening of Veggie Tales with daddy, and happily ate popcorn and drank soda (when mommy isn't around....). This afternoon we went to an Open House at a friend's house and then to a harvest party at a farm. We rode on a hay ride, went square dancing, and Spence had so much fun going through a small maze set up for the little kids. They had to crawl through it with flashlights. He had the best time! It was so neat to see my baby playing with the kids. He loves playing with big kids. He was actually leading a group of them around for a while. One little girl, probably about 4, was glued to his side. Sooo cute... We danced with his cousins and had a great time. Thanks, Hadley Family!
Tomorrow we rest...for Halloween is Monday! That will be a crazy evening! Happy Halloween!

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