Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My boys

Can't believe how fast the boys are growing...blink and Spencer is 2 and almost 2 1/2...He's real good at it, too...moves a mile a minute, shows excitement in all he does, sooo affectionate, love those grubby little kisses...but yesterday he was my tiny little baby coming home from the hospital.
Cooper is 16 weeks. How can it be I gave birth 16 weeks ago? How can it also be that he has only been with us for that long? It seems like he has always been with us. He is getting to be more social now, with lots of great smiles and cooing. He is such a funny baby...he LOVES diaper changes. He actually smiles and even laughs when I change his diaper. He is so ticklish, too, because he laughs when I change his clothes. Awww, love my easygoing baby!
I love being a mom to my boys. Some days I feel done, it's hard work taking them out, getting them ready for daycare. But other days, i think I could handle another one, a tiny little baby..Cooper is already wearing 6 month clothes, so my tiny baby days are over! Hmmm...only time will tell. God has a plan for us, I know.

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