Monday, June 30, 2008

He's baaaack!

(FIRST...hope you enjoy the music I have added to my blog!)
Well, he didn't get home until today...around 11:30...Joe and I were so anxious, waiting by the door for him! The plane was delayed last night, so instead of trudging through the airport with a 5 year old at midnight, my mom opted to stay another night in SD. Good decision, though we were all disappointed...everyone but Aunt Jenny, right? :-) Cute pic of them at Ocean Beach, "our beach"...we always go there! Thanks again Mom, for a great present for Spencer! It's a trip he'll always treasure! Now the trick is to remind him he doesn't get everything his way now that he is home! He certainly was *spoiled* in SD!
But he's here...gosh, you'd think he'd been gone so long...not just 5 days...but hey, he's my baby! It's the longest we'd been apart. And for just being a family of 5 for not even 3 months (it'll be 3 months this Sunday!), it really felt weird with only 4. Wow, we just all got used to being the 5 of us, and of having a little princess!
This pic is for Grammy and Riley!

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