Saturday, August 30, 2008

For all the aunties and grandmas...

Cooper likes pretending he is a baby!
Kendall's quilt from the pre-school in the background!
...who need pics of the cuties....

We are happy it's the 3 days weekend! Yipeee! Even Kendall slept in until 7:25 today...and she usually gets up around 5:50! Thanks, KK! I need a break...this 3 children thing is h.a.r.d!!!! I thought I was pretty organized, had the 2 kid thing down, but then add another one and I'm off balance. Getting ready to go is a challenge. The other day we went to drop off Spencer at church for his church group, and he was being clingy and not wanting to go in...and I had Coop asleep in the car, Kendall strapped in her heavy infant car seat (man, do I have muscles in my arms now!), and it was HOT! I waited until another mom pulled up and made Spencer go up with her...I am so outnumbered...but hopefully it will get easier...right?!?

Congrats to Monica and Allen who found out this week that baby #3 is a girl!!! They have 2 boys already. Our kids are pretty close in age (Spence and Aiden are 4 months apart, and Cooper and Kyle are 9 months apart). So Kendall will a new friend, too! I look forward to making memories with our kiddos with this family!

Spencer is still loving kinder! He comes home singing songs and talking about the stories they are reading. Here's a pic of his first school project! He wanted to add some things they brought back from Yosemite.

No big plans for the weekend...just relaxing, probably a family movie night, Grammy's yummy spaghetti sauce recipe for dinner tonight. What about you??

Book promotion: Ok, so most of you know I LOVE my Gorgeously Green book...well, I have a new favorite, it's very similar, but geared specifically for parents. chock full of good info, but not a scary book...lots of good ideas. If you have small kids and worry about the dangerous toxins in toys, food, baby care items, even pesticides, check this book out. It's a very friendly read!


Kelli said...


You're right - it will get easier. I remember having a 3yo, 2yo, and newborn and thinking it was pretty h.a.r.d. too! But now, they're 10, 8, 6, and 4 and every day it gets easier. You're doing awesome!

Sally said...

Oh, I just want to squeeze those cheeks! I miss baby cheeks. She is just adorable. I'm so glad that Spencer loves Kindergarten. Thanks for the book recommendation. You're my book enabler!