Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer's End...

So how'd I do? These were my Summer Plans:
1. Swim lessons for boys CHECK!
2. Organize the office/scrapbook room HMMM...I did work in here a lot, it is more organized, but have a ways to go
3. Scrapbook A LOT ....CHECK! Well, I did pretty well, I think
4. Trip to San Diego and Legoland CHECK!
5. Sarah's wedding in Malibu (Spencer's Godmother's daughter) SADLY, this did not was a busy time, we had all kinds of stuff going on, so I did not make sad to miss the wedding of the year...heard it was perfect and romantic!!
6. Play a lot with my kiddos CHECK!
7. Host lots of BBQ's UMMM...we got lazy and didn't do much of this...
8. See Margo (next week!!!) CHECK
9. Lose weight (it's not falling off as quickly this time...) UMMM...still have 10 pounds to go
10. Become more Earth Friendly and Healthy for my children CHECK...still a work in progress

Tomorrow is my first day back to work...ugh...and I have to work full days this week. :-(

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Vicki said...

I would consider the summer a complete success! How's school going so far??