Thursday, August 14, 2008

School's in...

...for me...not for Spence yet...he starts KINDERGARTEN next Monday! Wow!!! Time flies...he is excited, but nervous, too. But he has friends already..cousin Jake, Jenna, Atheina, from pre-school, Nathan...I am excited and nervous, too...hope I don't cry! But he'll be right next door to me, which since I have to work is a great thing for me...and him! He is excited about that part.

Tonight we're doing our annual pizza-before-school-starts dinner...Chuck E. Cheese! My boys can't wait because they have never gone, but they know the commercial well..."Where a kid can be a kid!".

Kendall started daycare this week and she seems to be doing fine! We love her babysitter (hi, Michelle!) and there are 2 other babies her age there. Today when I went to get Cooper and Kendall, she was laying on a boppy next to another baby (Sophia?), and when I picked up Kendall, the other baby started crying. They are friends already! :-) Coop, of course, loves going to "Gabby's house". He asked all summer when he could go.

Lazy about my pictures...need to download onto the I'll see what I can dig up to show are some "blasts from the past" of Cooper!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

BTW, Sally said the Ecos laundry detergent is pretty good...and they sell the big jug at Costco! We tried the Ecover dishwashing detergent, and it passed Joe's strict test with flying colors! Just FYI for you "greenies" out there!

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laura vegas said...

i wish i lived just a little closer to you ... i would love to watch your adorable daughter! lol! my youngest daycare baby isn't really a baby anymore ... he's 14 months now. i need another little one. lol! glad you found somewhere good for her though!