Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Dear Spencer:

Yesterday you began the next chapter of your life....the first one that Daddy and I don't have complete control over...but you are so happy! Your first day of kindergarten was wonderful! You weren't nervous, and you couldn't wait to go back when school was done. I'll always remember walking hand in hand with you into school for the first time, introducing you to your principal, and taking you into your new room. The room was packed with parents and kids, but you weren't fazed. You hung up your backpack and gave Mrs. S her small gift we got her: an apple candy. You were a little disappointed we forgot her apple (a new tradition we started in pre-school), but you brought it today. Mommy and Daddy loved watching you discover your new room. We both were a little emotional since our baby is starting school already!

You are so lucky that you have your best friend Jake in class, as well as a few other friends. I know you love having me right next door. I see you wave when your class heads out to lunch, and I LOVE that you blew me kisses when you saw me yesterday on your school tour.

I look forward to you growing and hope your love of learning continues. I am so thrilled that your adjustment into kindergarten was an easy one. Today you told me you wished you could go all day! Mama isn't ready for that! I love that we get to leave together at noon!



PS: my first day went great! I really liked working with my new partner, and our kiddos seem very sweet. It helps that I am in the same grade twice finally...after teaching 3rd, 2nd, 5th, 4th, and 1st the last five years...and first grade seems much more manageable this year!

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laura vegas said...

he is so cute! that is so cool that he is in the classroom next to you! just being able to see him walk by to recess .. and give him a little wave ... that must make being away from him for a bit easier for the both of you! and glad to hear you got a good class. i would think that it would be hard to switch grades each year.