Saturday, August 09, 2008

My sister Jenny rocks!

For many, many reasons...including her cool fashion sense and how I love shopping with her, and how giving she is...always giving me some clothes of hers (made out with a sweater and a red striped t-shirt this time)...and we love talking "green" together and celebrity gossip... :-).

Plus, she bought me this (a camera strap):

for no reason at all except that she is awesome!

I loooove this camera strap! It's so colorful and fun! I feel like a professional! And you can get your very own, Go check them out (and see how to win one for free)! She has all kinds of colorful fabrics. The strap is very well made, too! You'll love it!

So, anyways, love you, beautiful Jenny!!!!! SOOOO wishing we were closer. Thanks for everything!

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laura vegas said...

what a great sister! i love that camera strap! i was just saying on our vacation that i needed a good strap for my camera ... mine is way too short. lol! and i've seen that site before ... will have to think about it!