Monday, August 25, 2008

Kelli said to try it.

OK, saw this on Kelli's blog, so I had to try it. You try it, too! It does make you think!

I AM...tired! Waking up twice a night to nurse is not so fun...
I WANT... my children to enjoy their childhood.
I HAVE... a full life.
I WISH I COULD... travel more with my family.
I HATE... worrying about the future.
I FEAR... this time with my small kids going by so quickly.
I HEAR... my kids playing.
I SEARCH... for a simpler life with less things.
I DON'T THINK... that I could move away from family for a while.
I REGRET... not saying goodbye to my grandma and my aunt.
I LOVE... Mexican food!!!
I ACHE FOR... my Grandmas' warm embraces.
I ALWAYS CRY... when I read Charlotte's Web to my students.
I AM NOT... happy with my "green options" for laundry yet.
I DANCE... to disco and it makes me happy!
I SING... to small children only! Oh, and with the car radio all the time!
I NEVER... want to be without my camera.
I RARELY... enjoy cleaning. :-)
I CRY WHEN I WATCH... old videos of my children.
I AM NOT ALWAYS... managing my time wisely.
I HATE THAT... I can't get everything done that I want.
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT... what God's plans for our life are.
I NEED... to clean the office!
I SHOULD... be making dinner, but Joe is picking up dinner tonight! :-)

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